Lunigal's opticians


Our team of Lunigal opticians is here to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your optical equipment. To understand our role better, here are the steps for your future purchase :
  1. If you are looking for a frame and you have doubts about color, size, material, type of glass , your correction or other, Lunigal Hotline is available from Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm GMT at +33 1 42 57 93 53.
  2. The intelligent system is designed to calculate what kind of glasses to provide you according to your correction.
  3. Each order is checked by a qualified and experienced optician that will make sure the conformity of your equipment and ensure that there is no difference before and after installation ( knowing all along that with corrective lenses glasses are never quite the same.) Lunigal offers the best optical technology.
  4. Therefore, your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

In store

Whichever store you choose , an optician will help you find the most suitable optical equipment. A wide choice of frames with over 5000 solar and optical models available are waiting for you so that you can find the style that suits you.

To guide you in your choice, our opticians will explain what type of frame will work best for your vision correction and your face. Your satisfaction is our priority because we know that choosing a pair of glasses is not easy.

According to your prescription and your lifestyle , Lunigal opticians determine what type of glasses suit you best by working with top laboratories in the world for glasses.