The payment of your order Lunigal can be done in three ways. Processing time of your order may vary depending on the payment method selected .

Credit card

LCL via Paybox solution provides the secure payment platform on which are accepted :
  • Visa
  • Credit Card
  • MasterCard
  • Blue E-Card
  • American Express
Your order is taken into account when your bank has given its consent. No banking information is transmitted via the site Lunigal . Payment by credit card is totally secure.

Bank check

Your order can be paid by sending a check in euros and indicating your order number on the back. Your order is taken into account after receipt of your check and after validation.

Your check should be made payable to Lunigal and sent to:
LIB Optic
142, rue Ordener
75018 Paris
Important: For payment by check, Lunigal is asking you to join in the mailing a photocopy back and front of an identity document (identity card or passport) and asks you to sign this copy

Bank transfer

Your purchases can be paid by bank transfer by indicating the number of your order in the title . The order will be processed upon receipt of your payment and after validation.
The bank details will be provided as soon as you confirm your order .

Buy with confidence Fia-Net

To ensure maximum safety , Lunigal subscribed an insurance contract with Fia -Net, which offers the following benefits :
  • Protection against all potential bank misappropriation that may undergo when making a purchase on our website.
  • Insurance of payment which allows you to be refunded in case of fraud.
  • Mediation of disputes which occurs in the case of commercial litigation.
  • Access to the confidence index of the site, which allows you to view real testimonials of buyers surveyed by Fia-Net and being sure to deal with one of the most reliable web merchants.
Fia -Net aims to ensure a climate of trust between buyers and sellers on the web. Each Fia -Net partner site is rated by consumers after receiving their order. Orders are accepted after verification and approval by Fia- Net.