Social security refund

Eyeglasses may be reimbursed by various health insurances .

Lunigal your optician, explains how to obtain reimbursement. In most countries, you only have to send the invoice to your insurance to get your refund.

In France, the first organism you contact is social security. Reimbursement based on your benefits necessarily requires :
  • possession of a prescription that is less than three years old
  • sending the CERFA sheet ( provided by your optician Lunigal ) to your local social security office or your health insurance company .
If you do not have the data transmission , you will have to wait for the amount the Health Insurance Fund is planning on reimbursing you and send it along with the invoice to your extended health care services . Summary in 3 steps for the glasses :
  1. Sign and send the care sheet CERFA orange with the copy of the prescription to your health insurance
  2. Wait for the amount the health insurance will reimburse you or the letter of your private health insurance (mutual insurance company) claiming the bill .
  3. Send what the health insurance will refund you+ invoice + copy of the prescription to your private complementary health insurance.
With contact lenses, you must have a prescription less than a year old. The health insurance company will intervene only if the correction of your vision is important or in a special case.

If upon receipt of your contact lenses you receive an invoice in your package without the care sheet CERFA , this means that the health insurance company will not take care of it. Then simply send your invoice with the copy of the prescription to your supplemental health insurance that will reimburse you directly depending on your coverage .