ensures your safety on the internet, and has chosen to put in place two systems both recognized to minimize fraud and help you buy with confidence.

The first, 3D SECURE is an objective system that replaces the credit card code that we have to do by making our purchases .

3-D Secure is a secure Internet payment protocol.
Developed under the tradenames Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode , 3 -D Secure was elaborated by Visa and MasterCard to help merchants reduce the risk of fraud on the Internet by identity theft. It is to ensure that at each online payment, the card is used by its true owner.
In this case , both the merchant and the cardholder's are equipped , an additional step occurs at the time of payment. In addition to credit card number , the expiry date of the card and the three digit of the security code ( printed on the back of the card) , the user must enter a password, such as his date of birth ( simple authentication ) or a dynamic single-use code ( strong authentication ) .

The second, FIA- NET is a subjective system that will take into account the parameters related to consumer habits and determine whether an inconsistency exists.

FIA- NET is a French company developing trusting solutions for e-commerce.
To ensure maximum safety , Lunigal purchased an insurance contract with Fia -Net that will offer you some guarantees:
  • Protection against all potential bank diversion that may happen when making a purchase on our site.
  • Assurance of payment which allows you to be refunded in case of fraud.
  • Mediation of disputes which occurs in case of commercial litigation.
  • Access to the confidence index of the site, which allows you to view real testimonials of buyers surveyed by Fia -Net and to be sure to deal with one of the most reliable web merchants.
Fia -Net aims to ensure a climate of trust between buyers and sellers on the web. Each Fia -Net partner site is rated by consumers after receiving their order. Orders are accepted after verification and approval by Fia- Net.

For your safety we ask that the two systems implemented gives their consent to process your order.
Be assured that everything we do is to ensure your banking security .