Choosing my glasses

Lunigal, specialist in choosing trendy frames and a true optical professional, offers advice to buy optical frames in 7 points :
  1. Do the check up of your eyes (your view) at least every two years . (fundus : very important)
  2. Ask yourself about the use and frequency of your optical glasses .
  3. Talk to one of our qualified opticians by calling the hotline at +33 1 42 57 93 53 or send an email to to determine if there are limitations style frame according to your prescription .
  4. Look at magazines and observe people to find styles you like and it will help you define the look you would like the glasses to give you .
  5. Choose a color frame that will highlight your hair , your eyes and your complexion and goes with most of the clothes you wear. The "safe" method, is to match the color of the glasses with hair color . The more the frame is dark the more the shape becomes important on the face.
  6. Some forms of frame can accentuate your positive features or hide the imperfect features. If you have a rather large or long nose, choose a low or dark bridge and for a short nose, prefer a fairly high light-colored bridge. Be careful to frames that will be in reverse of one of your flaws because it will accentuate it. For example, avoid glasses going up (like butterfly shape) if you have droopy eyes .
  7. Above all, choose a frame in which you feel comfortable. The frame size should be proportionate to your face because if too big, your face will appear shrunken and if too small, it will widen the face.