My order

Can you send me a personalized estimate for my eyeglasses ?

The estimate of your optical equipment is accessible from your shopping cart. It corresponds to the details of your cart . You can see the total of your estimate once all desired products have been added to your cart . You can find it in your personal space of your Lunigal client account at the top right of each page account.

I'm looking for a pair of glasses but I do not know its reference, what should I do?

Top left of each page you will find a search engine that will help you find your item. You have the possibility to search through the entire site by entering the brand name or model number. You can also search by checking the Brands page with the list of all the brands sold on our site. The detailed page of a product ( product sheet ) will provide all the information we have about the price , availability , available colors , material, technical details ...

I want to buy a frame and add glasses , how should I do?

When you find the item you want , click " Add to Cart and choose my glasses " if you want corrective lenses or customize the selected glasses with tinted lenses for example.
You can go to the "How to choose my glasses" to help you in your selection.
You can access the contents of your cart at any time by clicking the " My Cart " at the top right of each page.
Be careful though, when a frame has been added to the cart without having been fitted with corrective lenses or other lenses than the original , you will have to remove it from the basket by repeating the operation.

How to order?

Check the contents of your shopping cart. When you are sure of your selection and options selected , you must select your shipping country and shipping method to save your order by clicking on "Submit my cart " . Then you start the ordering process .

Why identify and / or create an account?

Creating an account will allow you to track your order, trace the history of your purchases, etc. . You will be asked to log in every new order. Enter your e -mail address and your password. If you do not have a Lunigal account , enter your e -mail address and choose a password to create one. All information will be used only for your delivery and will never be provided to a third .

I want to buy sunglasses with corrective lenses

Most of our sunglasses frames can be fitted with prescription lenses. If the pink button " Add to Cart and choose my glasses " is available in the desired sunglasses it means it is adaptable in corrective lenses. You can then add a tint and treatment to your lenses. You can see the " How to choose my glasses " to help you in your selection .

How to order a frame that does not exist on the site?

This is what we call a particular command. It is available at the top right of each page. To do this, please fill out the form by giving as much information regarding your request. If you have a photo of the frame wanted, do not hesitate to send it on with your request to help us find the model you want . We will conduct a research in a timely manner.

How to order glasses or contact lenses , if it is not for me? If it is for my child?

Order different frames and / or lenses to your personal account is possible if the following conditions are met:
  • The recipient of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses must be over 16 years old (careful, you cannot order eyeglasses for a child under 16 . Indeed, before that age, ordering from a distance is not recommended because the optician needs to adjust the glasses in the presence of the child. We recommend you consult an optician in one of our stores to make the purchase of glasses for a child under the age of 16 . )
  • The recipient of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses must have a valid prescription (less than 3 years old for glasses, less than a year old for lenses )
  • The receiver of the prescription glasses must give its pupillary distance (see How to read my prescription glasses)

I would like to order corrective lenses for a frame that I already have

To ensure the best quality , this operation is not possible on our website. We suggest you consult an optician in one of our stores so that we can check each step.

Is it possible to buy a pair of glasses without the lenses?

Yes, just select the desired product and click on the black button "Add to Cart with the original glasses ." In this case there will probably be the brand logo on one of the lenses. If you want to wear these glasses with neutral lenses , you need to click on the pink button " Add to Cart and choose my glasses " and then select "I want neutral glasses .You can see the "How to choose my glasses" to help you in your selection.

I did something wrong in my order, what should I do?

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us by phone +33 1 42 57 93 53 ( free call from a landline) from Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm GMT, contact us by e- mail at or by filling out the form under Contact Us.

My prescription

To order glasses , the prescription by an ophthalmologist is mandatory?

It is required only if you want to add corrective lenses to your frame because our opticians need your prescription to offer optimum visual comfort and avoid mistakes. To help you understand your prescription , you can refer to How to read my prescription glasses. If you have lost it your ophthalmologist can send it back to you by mail or fax.
You will also need your prescription ( less than 3 years old) to receive reimbursement of social security and of your private health insurance. For any optical equipment order , please send us your prescription during the "Delivery" step of your order by the following means :
  • Upload : If your prescription is already scanned and stored on your computer ( Simply navigate to find and loaded on our server).
  • E-mail to : If your order is already scanned and stored on your computer ( Just send it as an attachment in your e-mail).
  • Mail at : lunigal.com , 142 rue Ordener 75018 Paris.
  • Fax 01 42 51 06 81
You can also send us details of your ophthalmologist.

Finally, if you have purchased glasses that are less than 3 years old in one of the shops, we already have your prescription , please let us know that in this section.

If you wish to order sunglasses without correction , single frames or frames with neutral or tinted glasses, you do not need a prescription.

Why should I give you an prescription that is less than 3 years old ?

A prescription that is more than three years old , does not allow us to sell you glasses. Indeed, we encourage you to visit an ophthalmologist regularly to make your eyesight checked and perform fundus .

The eyeglass prescription issued by your ophthalmologist is valid for 3 years for the reimbursement of social security or your insurance. Your contact lenses prescription is valid for 1 year.

However you can buy only the frame and ask the corrective glasses after, depending on your future prescription, if the desired product is a rare example.

How to choose my lenses according to my prescription?

First, you must inform of your corrections correctly. To help you , please consult the How to read my prescription glasses?

Our system will consider carefully your correction and help you choose only what is necessary or desirable for your view . Unnecessary choices will automatically be banished. If in doubt please get in touch with our opticians by sending an email to or by phone at +33 1 42 57 93 53 .

How do I measure my pupillary distance ?

The PD is the distance between the center of each of your pupils. This distance does not change with time ( except for children during growth ) so if you measured once your pupillary distance , this value will always be used . It is also possible to measure the pupillary half , ie the center of your face ( middle of the nose ) in the center of each pupil.

Measurements of half -distances may appear on your prescription, but do not hesitate to ask your ophthalmologist to write it down at your next appointment. You can also find on an old optical file.

If you do not have this measure, please contact us by completing the form by e-mail at or by phone at No. +33 1 42 57 93 53 ( free call from a landline) Monday to Saturday 10am- 7pm. Our opticians will help you measure the distance.

My Shipping

How to choose my delivery address ?

Your delivery address for your order should be as complete as possible , and with a phone number where you can be reached to facilitate the delivery of your order. We advise you to choose the location where you can receive a package at the delivery times of La Poste. This may be different from your billing address.

My billing address may be different from the delivery?

Yes. When ordering , simply write it in the "Delivery" step that your delivery address is different from your billing address. For more information on shipping, please consult the Delivery section.

What delivery options to choose?

We usually offer several shipping options , depending on how quickly you want to receive your order. The estimated delivery time of your order will then be shown before you validate your purchase. For more details, please consult the Delivery section.

I just placed an order , when can I get my glasses?

For non-corrective sunglasses delivery time is approximately 3 to 5 days depending on your choice of delivery method. In other cases , it depends if your glasses are already in stock or if we need a delay to order them. For more information on shipping terms , please consult the Delivery section.

I received my glasses but the adjustment is not correct. What should I do?

To guarantee the best quality, Lunigal has the best equipment in a laboratory in the heart of Paris that performs the installation of the quality eyewear and check each step to achieve perfection.
If your glasses do not suit you , please contact one of our opticians by emailing or call +33 1 42 57 93 53 ( free call from a landline) Monday to Saturday 10am -7pm. However, for a complete satisfaction: non- damaged glasses can be returned or exchanged without justification. You have 7 days after receipt of your order to return the glasses, no questions asked.

I received my glasses damaged or with a defect, what should I do?

First of all we apologize for the inconvenience and please know that we do everything we can to avoid this kind of inconvenience. At first please contact Customer Service by email at or by phone +33 1 42 57 93 53 . Product must be returned to Lunigal with a return voucher which will be reimbursed by Lunigal . Lunigal will send you the replacement product as soon as possible.

My glasses broke and I bought them less than a year ago , what can I do?

We suggest that you contact our customer service by email at or by phone at +33 1 42 57 93 53 . If the glasses have a warranty or there is customer service from the manufacturer, Lunigal will be happy to repair the damaged glasses .

My Payment

How do I get reimbursed my glasses by social security and by my insurance?

With Lunigal you can be satisfied and reimbursed! Please consult the terms under Social Security Refund.

How to choose a means of payment ?

We accept credit cards (American Express, Visa , Credit card, Mastercard), bank transfers and bank checks . (For payment by check, Lunigal asks you to join in your mailing the front and back copy of your identity card or passport and ask you to sign it) If you have a gift certificate or a Lunigal coupon code , you can also enter the code at that time . For more information on payment methods, please consult the Payment section.

Can you make a modification on my bill ?

This is impossible because your invoice is according to your order and all prices are net prices.

I received my glasses but I want to return them and get a refund

With Lunigal.com , return is possible within 30 days. If you want more information , our customer service is available at +33 1 42 57 93 53 ( free call from a landline) . You can also contact us via the Contact Us or by writing directly to