Choosing my lenses?

Lunigal your optician will help you choose your glasses

First you must select the frame you like and would like to wear, then if the lenses of this frame can be changed and you do not want the glasses of origin or that you need vision correction you must click on the "add to cart and choose my glasses" button.

To explain we will describe the two different cases.

You chose "I want neutral glasses"

You do not need vision correction and you want to customize your glasses or make a technical improvement.

Why choose neutral coloured glasses ?

  • Example 1: The original color of the lenses does not suit you
  • Example 2: You want to improve the performance of your solar glasses with a polarized or a photochromic glass. (see index)
  • Example 3: You have chosen an optical frame and you want to add solar tinted glass on top of it.
In one of these cases, you simply click on the type of glasses that match your needs. The glasses title is explicit, it describes the type of lenses and options. If you need information please do not hesitate to contact our Opticians or +33 1 42 57 93 53.

Why choose white lenses for your glasses ?

Example: the optical frame with its original lenses can't be worn as this because the brand of the frame appears on one of the glasses. It is better to equip the frame with white organic lenses (see index)

For better comfort you should choose white reflective glasses so that it is stylish but also more comfortable. In this case you need to click on " white lenses " and choose " white organic anti-reflective " (see index). If you want the possibility of the colour of the lenses to change you must click on the " photochromic " button (see index). The title of the glasses is explicit it describes the type of lenses and options. If you need information please do not hesitate to contact our Opticians at or +33 1 42 57 93 53.

You chose " I need sightedness correction "

You need vision correction . Must have a prescription of less than 3 years old then look at " how to read my prescription " if necessary.

To " have the selected glasses with corrective lenses ," please follow the directions and if needed click ? to help you. If you need information please do not hesitate to contact our Opticians or +33 1 42 57 93 53 .

Vision correction

  • Complete the form with your correction
    To make no mistake, see "how to read my prescription"
  • fill half your pupillary distance (see index)
    It can be given to you by your ophthalmologist. In case you do not have this information please contact us at or +33 1 42 57 93 53 to receive a tool that allows you to measure it in your home.
Once filled the informations, simply validate and thus move to the next step.

Your type of vision

There are two possibilities:
  • your prescription tells you the type of vision to register
    Enter what is on the prescription:
    Distance vision or DV
    Near vision or NV with intermediate IV for computer, or simple near vision for Reading.
    Progressive lenses for far and near vision.
  • You have different needs from those on your prescription
    Example: you only need a pair of near vision glasses to read and your prescription indicates you need simple and progressive lenses.
    The system automatically guides you in choosing your lenses, but for special cases please contact us at or +33 1 42 57 93 53.

The color of your lenses

Note : If the selected material of your lenses is very thinned or extra thin only white lenses will be available. Lunigal recommends:
  • White glass if you need corrective glasses for everyday life . Just click on white .
  • Tinted lenses (see index) if you need protective corrective glasses and your frame selection was made on a solar glasses. In this case select the glass and color in all the choices. Note : treatment and options are included in the title .
  • The photochromic system in gray or brown color (see index) if you want lenses in different colours. You only have to choose the gray or brown. Lunigal advise you to associate the choice of tint with the color of the frame. Caution: Do not forget that your choice of color (white or photochromic ) depends primarily on your acitivty and your use of the glasses. If you have to be indoors most of the time , Lunigal recommends white glasses . If however your activity oscillates between the outside and inside, the tinted variables photochromic glasses will be more suitable. Once your choice is made you must confirm .

The processing of your glasses

If you choose a tinted glass no choice except "CLASSIC" will not be proposed as the treatment is already included in the previous choice.
If the selected glass is white please add options according to your desire. The glass will become more efficient , more attractive and more comfortable , offering you comfort with the "TOP" option. Depending on your activity the antiglare option may become indispensable.
However, if you have decided on a photochromic glass (see index) know that the glass does not replace a solar glass and that filter quality decreases if you add the glare . But it is preferable to add the photochromic option if your activity is more interior than exterior . Once your choice is made you just have to confirm.
You have made your choice of glasses but we invite you to contact us or +33 1 42 57 93 53 if you need clarification.