100% Guaranteed quality

At Lunigal you can be confident that you are buying high quality goods, with peace of mind and complete security!

100% Certified Origin

At Lunigal opticians, all our products are of certified origin, new and never worn.

We work directly with the largest eyewear companies and the best designers. Don't be misled by prices that are lower than those of our competitors. We guarantee the origin of each of our glasses and our contact lenses. This policy of affordable prices is explained by the high volumes we order for our stock. This is valid both for our website and our stores.

Furthermore, in the interests of transparency, with most of our glasses you will receive an authenticity card from the brand to certify the origin.

100% High quality lenses manufactured and fitted in France

The 100% certified origin and traceability also applies to lenses and contact lenses, because Lunigal has been a partner of the best laboratories recognised for their quality since 2002.

In order to guarantee the best quality Lunigal opticians have the very best equipment in a laboratory in the heart of Paris. They carry out fitting in true eyewear tradition and check each step in the production of your eyewear. We are always at the forefront of technology and continuously progressing. We place all our expertise at your service to provide you with state-of-the-art fitting of your frames.

Your Lunigal dispensing optician is a specialist in varifocal lenses and guarantees their fit. However, on our website www.lunigal.fr we do not offer some prescriptions which need adjustment and require your presence. Nevertheless, purchasing the frame alone and having the prescription filled by another optician close to home is always possible.

100% Quality Control

A qualified optician is responsible for checking each product ordered before it is dispatched to ensure your articles are fully compliant.

If you order the frame alone the optician will ensure it is in good condition and has no defects.

If you order a frame and corrective lenses, the optician checks that the lenses correspond to your prescription, and that they are correctly processed and fitted in the chosen pair of glasses.

In-store Guarantees

Your frame is guaranteed for 1 year against breakage.

Your varifocal lenses are guaranteed for 6 months without a change in prescription to enable you to adapt to them properly, and 3 months if your ophthalmologist has made an error in the prescription.

Exchanges are possible for frames alone on condition they have a security ring attached.

Guarantees on www.lunigal.fr

Our prices are competitive because guarantees for ophthalmologist prescriptions and breakage are not included for lenses.