Reading my contact lenses prescription

It is usually indicated on the contact lenses on the prescription.

The upper part concerns the administrative physician's name, name of the receiver, date, etc.
The optical part is usually located in the middle of the prescription:
  • RE: for the right eye
  • LE: for the left eye

Locate the optical data

The colored squares ABCDE match :
  • A : The brand of the lens which is the name of the company that makes it
  • B : the model which is the trade name of the prescribed lens
  • C : diameter value denoted with a 0 slash or DIA (for soft lenses, the diameter value is greater than the radius value )
  • D : the radius r0 noted or BC
  • E : the power that consists of:
    • Sphere blue : Beware the sphere is a value either positive ( case of hyperopia ) or negative ( in the case of myopia ) . The value is always communicated with the + or - sign or zero rated 0 or plane.
      In the case of contact lenses wihtout any correction, only coloured lenses can be prescribed ( see some special cases)
    • Cyl green: The value of the cylinder (which will only intervene for toric or astigmatic lenses) is required to be communicated with the negative sign associated with an axis.
    • Add red: is the addition value of the distance vision to get thenear vision. It can have a value or be notified High / Low or D / N according to the brand.
In the example below:
  • Sph : +0.75
  • Cyl : -2,00 et axe 150°
  • Add : high