Payment for your Lunigal order can be made in 4 ways. The time taken to process your order may vary depending on the payment method chosen.

Credit card

LCL via the Paybox solution makes its secure payment platform available on which the following cards are accepted:
  • Visa
  • Carte Bleue
  • MasterCard
  • Blue E-Carte
  • American Express
Your order is dealt with as soon as your bank has authorised payment. To limit fraud, Lunigal applies the secure payment protocol, 3D Secure, for each of its Internet transactions. 3D Secure was developed by Visa and Mastercard to enable merchants to limit the risk of Internet fraud, linked to attempts at identity theft. For each on-line payment it involves ensuring that the card is used by its true holder.

If both the retailer and the cardholder's bank are equipped, then in this case an extra step takes place when payment is made. In addition to the credit card number, the card expiry date and the three figures of the security code (printed on the back of the card, or 4 figures on the front of an American Express card), the Internet user must enter a password, such as date of birth (simple authentication) or a single use dynamic code (strong authentication).

None of your banking information will transit the Lunigal website. Payment by credit card is completely secure.


With your e-mail address PayPal enables you to send on-line payments in a practical, secure manner. The PayPal network is based on the existing financial structure of bank accounts and cards in order to create a global payment solution in real time. You can make your on-line purchases with peace of mind. Paypal will never share your bank details.

Bank cheque

Your order may be paid for by sending a bank cheque made out in Euros and indicating your order number on the back. Your order is dealt with after your cheque has been received and has cleared.

Your cheque should be made out to Lunigal and sent to:
LIB Optic
142, rue Ordener
75018 Paris
Important: for payment by cheque Lunigal asks you to attach a photocopy (back/front) of an identification document (identity card or passport) and to countersign this photocopy.

Bank transfer

You may pay for your purchases by bank transfer with your order number in the heading. The order will only be dealt with once your bank transfer is received and has cleared.

Bank details are sent to you once you confirm your order.

Customs and taxes

For orders from abroad (outside the Eurozone) VAT is not applied. So the price may vary depending on the country where invoicing and delivery takes place. However, for export customs fees may be added.